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Pinkbike: Inside Ergon

Pinkbike veröffentlicht im März 2016 eine riesige Inside Story über die Sattel-Entwicklung im Ergon Hauptsitz in Koblenz - ein schönes Portrait über die Energie und die Genauigkeit, die Ergon in die Entwicklung und die Prüfung ihrer Produkte setzt.

p5pb12989442"Ergon is unquestionably one of the unique companies in mountain biking. Certainly their products stand out in a crowd. The key to their difference is in the name - it's all about ergonomics. Generally, the contact points on our mountain bikes, grips and saddles have seen very little to no fundamental change since the inception of the mountain bike. Ergon is one of the few companies pushing the envelope of development, producing radically different products, all of which are underpinned with science and research. They are the only mountain bike company we know of who have a doctor of ergonomics in-house. We took a look behind the scenes in the headquarters in Koblenz, Germany to try and understand better just how different their approach is to other companies." (Matt Wragg, pinkbike.com)

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